About Lisa

A San Diego native and avid traveler, I crave having new experiences. My husband and I enjoy listening to music together, especially from the 80-90s, and make it a priority to attend several concerts per year. It’s also pretty common to see us re-watching The Office episodes to get a good laugh! I deeply value family time, which, of course, includes our dogs, Minnie & Cece, whether it's the simplicity of a dinner and movie night or the gatherings during the holidays. With a coffee in hand, there’s so much to explore and do, and weddings are one of the many ways I get to try new things!

The art of Marrying

& Film

Fourteen years ago, I started my photography journey after my husband gifted me my first camera. But ten years in and after doing many types of photography, I completely fell in love with weddings and was hooked! The storytelling around the relationship of each couple was something unlike anything else I’d photographed. My discovery of film changed the way I viewed my work by encouraging me to slow down and be more deliberate. This thoughtful approach is what encourages me to continue to be creative and not miss any “small” moments. My love of film also springs from the way it captures color, light, texture, and nostalgia. Paired with digital, each gallery is filled with romantic images that stand the test of time!

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"Lisa was an absolute DREAM to work with. It was incredibly helpful to have someone with Lisa's experience to walk us through how to pose, etc. Lisa's photography is next level and we are so happy to have these beautiful photos to share with our family for decades to come."

- Jacquelyn H